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Welcome to LAINÉSCO's FPL page. As well as being a professional computing consultant I also enjoy playing Fantasy Premier League Football and decided to use my skills to create some useful tools.

Lainésco Team Planner

I created the team planner to help me organise my FPL season, Team, future transfers and strategies. It's a self contained Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (designed to run on Office 365, with macros/ VBA code) that enables the FPL Manager setup and maintain their FPL Team throughout the season.


The Team Planner, shown above, is where you select your squad, identifying your 1st 11 and Bench. The selected player's respective fixtures and difficulty (FDR) are displayed for each gameweek to the right of the planner. The current game week is selected at the top of the planner and as you advance the game weeks, the planner display automatically moves to that game week. The Team Planner also contains a Planned Transfers, Watchlist (and future transfer planning) areas, together with an area for your Transfer archives.

The benefit of having all the players FDRs displayed together in the watchlist and planned transfers section allows you to compare and see when there are fixture shifts between players/teams, thus enabling you easily visualise your plans across the gameweeks. Substitutions are made between your 1st 11 and Bench with two checkbox clicks and the players swap, then the planner automatically resorts your team formation by GKP>DEF>MID>FWD. Similarly, your Bench order can be changed using the checkboxes.

The Fixture Difficulty Ratings (FDR) are taken from the Official FPL site ratings. But what this planner also allows you to do, is have your own user defined FDR ratings for each team, based on whether they are “As an Attacker” or “As a Defender”. You can switch between these two FDR methods (Official FPL Ratings and the User Define Attacker/Defender Ratings) at any time, and throughout the tool, the FDRs are refreshed accordingly.

Key Features of the Team Planner:

  • Select Players for your Squad, defining your 1st 11 and Bench using filters by Team, Position, Price and even by your Watchlist

  • You select your Players and their fixtures and FDRs are automatically displayed after selection

  • Make substitutes using two checkbox clicks between your 1st 11 and Bench.

  • Swap your Bench order with checkbox clicks.

  • Plan future transfers INs/OUTs and automatically execute and archive the transactions

  • Two methods of FDR, Official FPL and your own user defined Attack/Defence ratings

  • FDR method can be flipped at any time and all schedules throughout the planner then show the respective FDRs against Players

  • FDR colour scheme used is the same as the Official FPL FDR colour scheme

  • Current GW defaults planner display to the respective GW

  • Home / Away schedules shown in CAPS / lower

GW Squad Planner

The GW Squad Planner, shown below, is where you can plan your individual game week squad rotations, whilst seeing that game weeks respective fixture/FDR against each of your squad players. This allows you to assign your 1st 11 as you need it to be for each given game week. Substitutions are made simply by clicking two check boxes and the Bench order can be changed in the same way. The transfer section also automatically displays what planned transfers you have for the corresponding GW, pulled from the Team Planner. Armed with this, your squad and their respective fixtures and FDR (depending on the method you have selected), you can then manually adjust the squad for each future GW to see how it looks, giving you better visibility of squad suitability.


Key Features of GW Squad Planner:

  • Plan your 1st 11 for individual upcoming gameweeks

  • Substitute your 1st 11 with Bench using two checkbox clicks

  • Swap your Bench order using checkbox clicks

  • Select players using filters by Team, Position, Price and even by your Watchlist

  • Plan Captain and Vice Captains for upcoming weeks with their respective fixtures

  • Button to copy your current squad into future selected GWs

  • Button to clear your squad from future selected GWs

  • Your planned transfers (taken from the main Team Planner sheet) are automatically dropped into their respective GW windows, allowing you to see your plans on an individual GW basis

  • You can individually plan your 1st 11 and bench for each future GW, with the players respective fixture and FDR rating for that GW shown

Find A Player

The Find a Player sheet, shown below, allows you to filter, list and sort players and their data. The data includes data combined from FPL Analytics, Understat and the Official FPL site data. All players names are as per the Official FPL site names. In addition, the players fixtures and FDR are shown for a window of 10 game weeks, based upon the “From GW” you select at the top of the sheet. There is also a column that combines a player's total FDR rating across a range of game weeks from the “From GW” you select, for the number of game weeks you specify. So this will allow you to sort by the lowest rating, giving you a list of players from easiest to hardest fixtures across the game week range you selected. This allows the FPL Manager to plan ahead when those fixtures turn for given teams, allowing you to single out the most suitable players to target for future transfers IN. These players can then be added to either your Watchlist or Planned Transfers IN on the Team Planner sheet.


Key Features of Find A Player:

  • Filter, sort and select players using their data from the Official FPL site, FPL Analytics and Understat.

  • Add players and update player data (yellow cells) as the gameweeks progress and player prices and statues change.

  • The Player's FDR displayed depends on which FDR method you have selected in the Team Planner, and can be toggled instantly as required.

  • Select a range of GWs to display the players Fixtures and FDR to allow you to plan for those future FDR shifts

  • Select a number of game weeks to total the player's FDR, to find out who has the easiest/hardest fixtures over the GW range your selected, allowing you to sort players by easiest fixtures to hardest for selected future game week ranges.

Fixtures and Difficulty Ratings

As mentioned above, the Team Planner features both the Official FPL FDR ratings and the ability for you to select your own FDR ratings.

The FDR sheet shows the official FDR ratings data, while the FDR Team, FDR_A and FDR_D sheets allow you to set your own ratings. In the FDR Team sheet, shown below, you can change each teams "As Attacker" and "As Defender" ratings to whatever your view and preferred rating is. If you then select the Team Planner's FDR Method to be "As Attacker and Defender" setting, all the FDR displays on the Team Planner, GW Squad Planner and Find A Player will reflect these ratings rather than the Offical FPL ratings. If the player you select is either a Goal Keeper or Defender, they will then pick up the "As Defender" ratings from the FDR_D sheet. If the player you select is either a Midfielder or Forward, they will thenpick up the "As Attacker" ratings from the FDR_A sheet.


The FDR, FDR_A and FDR_D sheets show the fixtures according to their respective ratings for the season, together with the home/away selection.


Would you like the Team Planner Tool?

If you would like a FREE copy of my planner tool, please get in touch and email me at and I would be glad to provide you with a copy. The only thing I would require in return is for you to let me know what you think of the Tool and how I could improve it to help you through your FPL season. I love working on this, so please do not hesitate to challenge me with any of your suggestions and I'll see what I can do. My goal here is to create a really useful tool for the FPL community and to share it with as many avid FPL Managers who wish to use it.

Thanks for reading this far and Good luck with your FPL season!

Kind regards,


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