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About Me

Welcome to LAINÉSCO. I'm David Lainé, a professional software consultant with:

  • 33 years in the computer software and services industry

  • 10 years in executive senior management

  • 70 percent of my time spent in customer facing roles

  • 20 years with a global ERP software company that has been through 4 major aquisitions, aquired many companies and experienced extensive growth from 400 to 4500 employees

  • 4 years ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

During the last 30 years, we have experienced many changes within the software development and services business, from the dramatic changes in technology to the way in which we use computers, not just in business, but everywhere.


During this journey, I evolved my own success formula for the software business and I apply it to everything I do. I pride myself with providing value and making customers happy. I am passionate about process improvement and "doing things right". Quality, not quantity, consistency and thoroughness.

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