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"I had the privilege of working with Dave over the course of nearly two years at Epicor. In that time, we worked together on many initiatives that directly and positively affected the operation and quality of the application development department.

Dave led the charge with DevOps within Epicor and brought innovation and process where it was needed most. He provided leadership to the entire organization in rolling out our Agile methodology, consolidating issue tracking systems and transforming our release processes to name a few major accomplishments."

Paul Hammer, VP Quality, Epicor Software Corp.

"Dave has an unprecedented background and a process oriented mind that gives him immense strength in establishing a global custom solutions organisation within Epicor. He is also one of the most diligent, fair and trustworthy people I have ever worked with. His experience spans commercial, consulting, technical and development arena which also gives him a very wide understanding of the business world. As 'A' players can do almost anything I would recommend Dave for the same."

Damien Sullivan, MD, Clear Business Outcome Ltd.

"I had the privilege of working for many years with Dave at Epicor Software both in his role as a leader of our Customer Solutions group and in his role as a leader of Development Operations.

I have vast respect for his leadership/management skills and ability to define, communicate and implement strong business processes across the organization. He has the vision to drive cross functional success and the clarity of process needed to make this happen. In the last two years he has been immensely successful in helping us to increase the cadence of software updates to our customers in order to improve quality and speed of resolution.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dave to any organization (large or small) that needs help streamlining operations, implementing strong business processes and driving customer satisfaction."

Tony Wilby, VP Software Development, Epicor Software Corp.

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